Logging Safety Program

Getting Your Logging Safety Program Started

Logging is considered to be a hazardous profession by any standard. Accidents happen suddenly and you can be assured that they will impact your business. Depending on the nature of the accident, slowdown or stoppage in production can be expected. Limiting the impacts and frequency of accidents can be successfully accomplished by implementing a thorough safety program. Kennedy Forest and Safety Consultants can help get your safety program started and operating at peak efficiency.

Timber stacked at lumber mill

Conduct an Initial Safety Meeting

Safety Template

Pull out your Safety Meeting Template and have the workers sign in to the meeting.

Reason for Meeting

Talk about why we are meeting today. The companies commitment to Safety.


Speak about the Safety Accord and what led up to the establishment of the BC Forest Safety Council.

Safety Program Review

Review your Safety Program with the workers.


Discuss Hazards, Risks, any general safety concerns about the site.

Emergency Response Plan

Complete an Emergency Response Plan for the site, get the workers to give input.


Fill out a First Aid Assessment, Hazard Assessment and sign the Safety Orientation Check list.

Talk Safety

Workers and employers that talk safety on a regular basis turn safety into a habit. Make it a part of your daily routine. Tell your co-worker if you think a work activity is unsafe. Routinely review Safe Work Procedures with workers and conduct safety meetings monthly at a minimum.


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