Be Prepared When Heading to the Field

Over the past few days we have experienced winds in excess of 90 kph. I have talked to at least three field guys who had to cut their way  out of a road that had trees down on it. There is so much dead pine that a major wind can easily uproot a dead standing tree. Before heading out to the field, it is a good idea to make sure you carry the following supplies.

  • A Chainsaw, axe or swede saw
  • Gas and chain oil
  • Tow rope or chain
  • Emergency preparedness kit
  • Enough food and blankets to spend a night if needed
  • Satellite phone or properly working two way radio

Safety Travel Plan and Route Information

Make sure to leave a detailed travel plan/route with estimated time of arrival home with a check in person so if you do get stuck and are unable to establish contact with anyone then a search to your location will be initiated.

When you’re walking through a stand of trees and the wind is causing trees to blow over around or near you, then it’s time to make your way to an area that is clear of possible trees blowing over near you.