Be sure to make sure you have COVID – 19 Safety protocols in place at your worksite. Worksites can be outside, in the cab of equipment or a logging truck as well as inside an office.


There is a large amount of information from the news and on the internet. Public Health Orders issued by the Chief Medical Officer for the Province must be adhered to and police and bylaw officers have the authority to enforce them through fines.

There are many different scenarios around how COVID rules apply. For instance, if a worker tests positive for COVID and has been in contact with workers, then there needs to be a 14 day quarantine put in place for all workers who were in contact.

Other scenarios are less clear. For example, a workers daughter was exposed to someone at school who tested positive. The daughter showed up at the worksite without knowing she was exposed. She shows no symptoms but she was still in contact with other worker in the workplace. What’s the protocol?

In this instance, the daughter couldn’t get a test because she had no symptoms but was still required to self isolate along with her mom who wasn’t allowed to come to work. What about all the other staff who were in the building?

So we need to be cognizant of this and management needs to make a decision. Should everyone self quarantine for 14 days as well?

Make sure you are clear on the rules around COVID-19 at your worksite.