What is the National Safety Code?

The National Safety Code (NSC) program establishes management and performance requirements for commercial carriers and establish’s minimum safety standards for commercial vehicles and drivers.

Who enforces the National Safety Code?

The Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement program, (CVSE) a division of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, enforces National Safety Code compliance. These are the people you see on the side of the road with flashy lights.

They aren’t the police, they don’t carry a sidearm but they can write you a tremendous amount of fines in one shot.

What is an NSC audit?

Too many infractions against against your NSC certificate will trigger an audit. The rationale behind the NSC program is that carriers are responsible for mechanical maintenance of their commercial vehicles and the actions of drivers over which they exercise control.

What are the majority of infractions?

Most problems occur from

  • Log book/Hours of service violations,
  • poor preventative maintenance programs and
  • a non functioning Safety Program.

Would your business pass an NSC Audit?

Don’t take a chance on losing your NSC certificate. Have us look at what your company is doing, and how we can assist you to be more efficient and keep you out of hot water with CVSE.

  • We can provide your company with a functioning safety program, Vehicle Maintenance and employee training tracking software, and provide training in Hours of Service and Log book documentation.

Where do the audits happen?

Most times you are required to bring your files containing log books, vehicle maintenance records and driver training records to the CVSE office closest to your place of business. The CVSE could ask for 6 months worth of records for any period of time.