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Let us take the worry out of submitting your audit

Completing and submitting your audit can be a stressful proposition for any business. Kennedy Forest Safety Consultant gives you an easy way to ensure your audits are always within the required regulations. Craig will effortlessly guide you through your audit to ensure an expired Safe certification isn’t limiting your business opportunities.


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Sawmill combustible dust inpection
Calendar, stopwatch and audit

Our Audit Process

Completing an audit submission is kind of like getting your taxes together each year. Audits are easy if you are up to date on your safety documentation. If you haven’t been diligent in completing your safety forms, it is a struggle to pass the audit. We provide you with assistance in your audit submission to ensure you will always pass. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have never had a client fail an audit. The audit submissions are sent annually to the BC Forest Safety Council. The first two years require a maintenance audit submission with the third year being a re-certification audit.

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