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Small Business Safety Programs That Work

The Safe Certification program through the BC Forest Safety Council was created to reduce fatalities and injuries in the workplace. I was tasked with creating and implementing a safety program for the company I was working for at the time that this program was being implemented. I remember how daunting the task seemed, what to put in the safety program, what to leave out, what’s important, what’s not. Many safety companies at that time were selling safety programs that looked good with lots of colorful pictures. Companies were buying those safety programs and putting them on shelves where they collected dust. This was in part because they were too complicated and overwhelming…..but they looked nice! As a safety consultant working for you, I make sure that your safety program is functional and simple to implement with your employees and contractors.


Submitting an audit each year can be challenging, especially when you’re busy making your business successful. We can help you gather the required documents for the audit submission and assist you in streamlining the safety documents. Our philosophy is if we can help you combine more into a document, it cuts down on the amount of paperwork you have to do.

Road Safety Services

Our Road Marshal service provides your company with a third-party audit of your operations. The road safety services report we produce for your company identifies the truck number, company name, and general comments. Many companies use this road report to address issues for non-compliance and it also provides for due diligence in the event of an accident.

SAFE Certification

We take pride in the fact that our safety programs are easy to follow and well known throughout the forest industry. The safety programs are tailored to your business and we provide ongoing support for any changes you need or if you have any questions regarding what documents you need to be filled out for any given job. The safety programs are built around the audit submission requirements to the BC Forest Safety Council’s Safe companies program.


Our team has been involved with the successful startup of forestry businesses throughout the province of British Columbia. We specialize in economic development, grant writing to access funding, forestry safety programs in BC, and the development of systems to track your progress and ensure you are financially sound. Many of our new business start-ups are around small-scale sawmilling in First Nations communities that have forest licenses and community forests.

Safety is Personal

Watch this video for a demonstration of the consequences of not properly implementing a safety program. Serious injuries happen at the job more than any of us would like. Properly implementing a safety program can greatly reduce the chances of injuries. If you currently have a safety program, don’t let it sit on the shelf! Contact us to learn how to get the most out of your safety program.


What We Do

We help businesses with their BC Forest Safety Council audit and SAFE certification process. Clients that might otherwise struggle to get their safe work procedures and other safety documentation written and implemented come to us to help make their safety programs run smoothly.


Why Hire Us

Many businesses are in violation of official legislation requiring businesses to implement and maintain a safety program and monthly safety meetings. We ensure that you are always meeting the required regulations without you needing to worry about constantly staying up-to-date with ever-shifting legislative priorities.


Our Mission

Our mission is to take the worry out of your business’s safety requirements so you can get down to the business of being successful and knowing you are in compliance with Worksafe BC.


About Kennedy Forest & Safety Consultant

Kennedy Forest & Safety Consultants of Salmon Arm, British Columbia is owned and operated by Craig Kennedy, RFT. Craig delivers safety solutions to businesses throughout British Columbia, working with small and large businesses.


Leave the Paperwork to Us

Our combination of expertise, industry knowledge, and attention to detail are your recipe to success in ensuring that you are within government guidelines at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I have to do a safety meeting with my employees?

Worksafe BC regulations require that a minimum of one safety meeting per month be performed with employees. In the event of an accident or serious injury, WCB officers will ask to see this documentation. “If it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen”.

What is the requirement for documentation around new and young workers?

A young worker is anyone younger than 25 years old. The employer and supervisors at the worksite are required to do a heightened amount of observation with new and young workers to ensure they are competent to perform their duties. An employee evaluation form must be filled out and kept on the employee’s file.

How often am I required to do a safety orientation with my employees?

Anytime a new hire starts, it is required. If your company has been shut down for more than 6 weeks, a safety orientation is required to be filled out with all employees again.

I find it hard to start a safety meeting. I don’t know what to start off with or how to conduct them so they are beneficial. How can I make this easier?

Kennedy Forest & Safety consultants can provide you with a 4-5 page safety meeting each month that you can take to your safety meeting. It is designed for your business and includes any safety concerns that have been in the spotlight by industry. The safety meeting is a place for employees and contractors to bring up their concerns, and have them addressed by the employer through a corrective action log.

How much detail needs to be in my Emergency Response Plan, (ERP)?

Your ERP is a detailed document that explains how to access your worksite, Latitude and Longitude coordinates, contact numbers, and the process to deal with Injuries, forest fires, floods, and landslides. Employees who know your company is taking the ERP requirements seriously feel better knowing that there is a process in place in the event of an emergency.

Do I need to do a drill with employees around the ERP?

Yes you do. Do a mock drill with your employees and document it. Knowing that the employer and other employees could save your life and get you to a higher standard of medical care after an injury will instill confidence and loyalty within your organization.

What is the process if you have a serious injury or fatality on your work site?

Your ERP is your road map for dealing with this type of thing. First Aid attendants and Emergency Transport Vehicles and locations are documented. Use the ERP to guide you through the here and now. After the injury or fatality, your company will be under a microscope as investigations begin. Agencies involved in this process are the RCMP, the Coroner’s office, and WCB Officers. You will be required to produce all the safety documentation you have on file. Some companies who failed to show they were doing their safety documentation have had to file for bankruptcy because their WCB rates skyrocketed because of non-compliance with WCB Legislation and Regulations.

What Our Clients Say

We recently hired Craig to act as a road marshal on a contentious section of the road involving both industrial and public traffic. Through Craig’s presence on the road and the interactions he had with drivers we were able to identify the issues and effectively change driver behavior, making it safer for all.

Jon Bredick

Interfor Corporation

Our new Health and Safety Program works for us because it is a much simpler program and a lot less paper work than our previous Safety Program. Every employee in our office likes the smaller and more simple program.

Shayla Archie

Calm Lake Band Natural Resource Dept.

Craig made my companies “SAFE CERTIFICATION” easy to understand and implement. My guys and I worked with Craig when he showed up on site to ensure we had a good solid functioning safety program. He has the ability to get everyone on board with the safety program and promotes a genuinely positive attitude towards safety.

Reid Wallace

Owner, R & E Wallace Ltd.

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